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  • Remote Start & Security

    Remote start systems give you more control over your vehicle security, comfort, and convenience than anyone else in the industry. Benefits of Remote Start The ultimate control of your ride. Beat the Weather. Not a fan of triple-digit summers or freezing winters? Remote starts can trigger the settings for thermostat, steering wheel, and seats – ensuring your ride is comfy, regardless the weather. Use from Anywhere. Using smartphone tech, there is almost no where you can’t turn your car on/off or lock/unlock the doors. Tracking & Safety. Knowing where your car is 24/7 and getting safety alerts via app are both optional additions to your system. Security & Alarm Systems Monitor and protect your car from intrusion and theft. Never double-check door locks again! Get instant confirmation whenever you communicate with your vehicle and also receive security alerts via 2-way remotes. Anti-Theft Features Designed to prevent and detect all forms of theft with siren alerts, LED warning lights, sensors for glass-break, impact, tilt, and movement, and starter-kill. Combined with advanced tracking and safety alert options, your ride has never been safer! With an industry-leading warranty of up to 3 years protection on PRO remotes, Compustar has been voted #1 by car alarm professionals nationwide for 6 years in a row! Remote Features Guide Not all remotes are created equal. Whether you’re looking for a direct replacement or an upgrade, you can begin by reviewing which features you need to control. Key Fob Range: Ranging from a couple hundred feet to up to 3 miles, the amount of range you should look for depends on your needs. LCD vs. LED: LED remotes use a series of lights and beeps to communicate with the user, while LCDs show more advanced info on the screen. 2-Way vs 1-Way: Choose between confirmation on sent commands with 2-Way, or simply send commands (with no confirmation) via 1-Way remotes. Bonus Features: Some remotes can be programmed to control things such as window roll up/down, sliding doors, trunk pop, and more.


    Priority #1: Shopping Safe Under the current state and federal guidelines, our business is classified as an Essential Automotive Repair Service delivering essential automotive repair functions and services for local residents. Our team is committed to doing our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To that end, we are doing everything the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is asking of us to maintain a safe retail space. This includes: Voluntary-basis employee scheduling, with all practicing safe health guidelines: staying home if sick, washing hands often, not touching face, covering nose and mouth when sneezing/coughing, maintaining social distancing when not at work. All employees in contact with your vehicle will wear gloves, and your vehicle will be disinfected before and after service and delivery. Sanitizing all equipment and products in our stores throughout the day. Limiting customers entry into the store (preventing crowding) to preserve the 6ft distancing guidelines Minimizing cash transactions by taking credit and debit card payments. The decision to remain open was not an easy one to make and not made for financial gain, but rather in support of servicing the members of our community. Priority #2: Shopping Local Shop local. Eat local. Spend local. Support local. As we look ahead to tough economic times, it’s important to remember that local businesses provide more local jobs, more local investments, and more local security. We are your neighbors, your friends, and your family. Shopping Local = Supporting Your Community Local Economic Stimulus Unique Businesses Create Character & Prosperity Environmental Impact Is Reduced Local Business Owners Invest In Community Public Benefits Far Outweigh Public Costs Customer Service Is Better Most New Jobs Are Provided By Local Businesses Non-Profits Receive Greater Support Competition And Diversity Leads To More Consumer Choices You Matter More

  • Truck Gear: More than Audio

    Audio is awesome! We’re the first to drop everything to geek out about wattage, bass, and the latest receiver tech. But this email is NOT about audio… If you’re one of the 51 million Americans who own a truck, you know there are lots (like LOTS) of aftermarket additions available. Whether you drive a super heavy-duty, gas guzzling, lifted 4×4 beast or a sleeker, commuter-friendly pickup, let’s turn that ride into something uniquely you. Truck Bed (Tonneau) Covers With plenty of hard and soft options, below are your most popular cover choices for privacy, protection, and added security. Roll Up: Easy to use, hard or soft options Folding: Versatile, added protection Retractable: Similar to roll up, but more rugged and secure with cleaner operation One-Piece Hard Lid: Easiest to open and close witha seamless, clean look Nerf Bars & Running Boards Running Boards Running boards provide a flatter and wider surface to place your feet, usually running wheel to wheel. Nerf Bars Compared to running boards, Nerf bars feature a round and narrow surface for stepping. Retractable/Powered A higher end variant, powered bars are motorized to “hide” or tuck itself up under the cab when not in use. Protection & Safety Rain Guards & Wind Deflectors: Open your windows and enjoy fresh air even when it’s raining! Bug Shields: Excellent protection against stone chips and bug stains. Floor Mats: Nothing preserves upholstery better than properly fit floor mats and liners. Cleaning up spills and messes has never been easier! Grille Guards: Protecting front bumpers for during off-road adventuring or heavily trafficked commutes. Custom Lighting Light Bars: Mountable options for the roof, front bumper, or rear tailgate, light bars can be installed almost anywhere! Fog Lights: Going off-road or driving in bad weather? Improve visibility! Wheel Lights: The ultmate show lighting for the tricked out truck Spot Lights: Maneuverable, super bright off-road lights Cargo Lights: Anyone who has ever loaded or unloaded their truck after sunset can appreciate these lights! Underbody Lights: Nothing expresses pride in your ride like these show lights. Truck Bed Accessories Bed Mats and Liners: Molded drop-in truck bed liners protect against the harshest cargo denting and scraping the floor and walls of your truck bed while allowing water to drain away. Mats come in various materials and protect just the bed floor from objects sliding and scratching. Tool Boxes: Storage and security all in one beautiful diamond plate gloriousness! We’ll find the perfect fit for your truck, you hand-pick all the extra options. Wheels & Rims Whether it’s the ultimate murdered-out look with machine metal matte black or classically cool chrome you’re going for, there is a set of rims and matching tires waiting for you. Lift & Level Kits Designed to give your machine that sleek, aggressive stance, lift kits also provide a firmer and sportier ride. Not only do lifts and levels allow room for larger tires, but they can greatly increase off-road performance due to the increased ground clearance. Also as an added bonus, a lifted truck can look sick AF.

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  • Pioneer - Car Stereo | KarTunes

    Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., headquartered in Torrance, Calif., is a preeminent manufacturer of leading-edge technology solutions for the mobile electronics aftermarket. Its affiliate Pioneer Automotive Technologies (PAT) is a key supplier for Tier 1 automotive entertainment systems and components to vehicle manufactures. Pioneer is focused on creating the ultimate in-car entertainment experience with high-performance audio and video components, as well as connectivity with today’s smart devices. Pioneer receivers range from 1-DIN, Double DIN, Modular, Multimedia, Navigation with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MIXTRAX, FLAC, and much more. Networked Entertainment eXperience line of receivers NEX Enjoy in-dash navigation, advanced audio, and smartphone connectivity. GPS Navigation Systems View our full line of car in-dash video/audio systems DVD Receivers Made for your smartphone and digital lifestyle. Digital Media Receivers Find the right CD receiver for you. iPod/iPhone and Android Control, Bluetooth, HD Radio, and SiriusXM. CD Receivers

  • Focal - Speakers | KarTunes

    For nearly four decades, Focal has been applying its unique sound signature to speaker drivers and high-end loudspeakers. We are renowned worldwide for our innovations which have given birth to exclusive technologies, and some of our loudspeakers have gone on to become world-renowned references. Our philosophy is to promote our expertise made in France: 100% of our products are designed and developed by our engineers, and a large part of our collections are made in France in our own workshops. All Focal products benefit from innovations that result from on-going research in the field of acoustics. This technological heritage, protected by numerous patents, ensures a sound that is clear, powerful and true to nature; for providing the best audio systems in each category. The love for music combined with the passion for cars spawned Focal’s Car Audio collections in the 1990s. These car audio systems and kits are designed to enable car enthusiasts to enhance their driving experience with audiophile sound. From the most prestigious customized installations to easy-to-install kits, every solution is optimized for your vehicle. Our technology is packed with the best innovations and materials to enhance your audio environment, and to make your journey a moment of intense pleasure. Innovation and performance, the highest levels of expertise and pleasure are the brand’s values. They define Focal’s signature, whose unique goal is to take you beyond sound. Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing 01:08 Play Video Now Playing 01:09 Play Video Now Playing 02:13 Play Video Now Playing 02:00 Play Video LineImage_PlugAndPlay.jpg Utopia M The Access line makes Focal quality and innovation universally available. Using DFS® cone technology to provide stability and resistance, Access offers high power handling, deep bass, and exceptional design. Access Handmade in France, Utopia M offers tailored installation ‘à la carte’. Build a high-fidelity system based on your vehicle and requirements. With Utopia M, the only limit is your creativity. K2 Power Auditor is an entry-level line engineered with True Focal DNA. The iconic Inverted Dome Tweeter is combined with Mylar to bring unrivaled sound quality to an affordable price range. Auditor The Expert range, innovative and dynamic, delivers sound to make your spine tingle. Power and fidelity work hand-in-hand, creating multi-dimensional "live" sound for even the most demanding audiophile. Expert Universal provides accessibility, easy installation, and exquisite sound quality. These kits have been optimized for compatibility with a greater range of vehicles while maintaining their rich, detailed and powerful sound. Universal Plug & Play provides an innovative, efficient and perceptible method of delivering the best sound to complex systems. Dedicated kits fit AND enhance your vehicle’s original design and acoustic plan. Plug & Play

  • JL Audio - Amplfiers | KarTunes

    JL Audio - Amplifiers Designing and building great subwoofer drivers lies at the very core of our passion for audio. ​ JL Audio has tackled the challenges of automotive amplifier design with the same commitment to engineering and innovative thinking that we apply to our speaker designs. For us, it isn't enough to repackage circuits and technologies that have been around for decades... our customers expect more.​ ​ This is why we employ the industry’s most experienced car amplifier engineering team, and we task them with creating products that offer real value, across a wide price range. From our affordable JX lineup, to our legendary Slash v3, and our cutting-edge VXi, HD and XD amplifiers, we offer 46 models of expertly engineered car amplifiers. ​ Whichever JL Audio amplifier you choose, you are getting a serious product designed to make great audio in your vehicle. VXi amplifiers combine JL Audio’s advanced amplifier technology with a powerful digital signal processor, all within a compact and beautiful package that is easy to install and offers unprecedented tuning power and flexibility. VXi - Simplify. Cutting edge amplifiers feature Single-Cycle Control switching technology and R.I.P.S. power supplies to deliver top-flight audio performance. HD - All in. The amazingly small XDv2 amplifiers are huge in audio performance, thanks to our advanced NexD™ switching technologies. XDv2 - Huge. Sleek and powerful, RD amplifiers deliver outstanding amplifier performance and versatility at an unprecedented value. RD - Lust is appropriate. JD Amplifiers are a great solution for adding real-world power in cost-conscious system. JD - Power up.

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