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One of the most important parts of any Car Audio System is the Installation. Our Installation Technicians are highly trained professionals with decades of experience working with electronics, car audio systems, audio design, custom fabrication, and vehicle electrical systems. Our Technicians will ensure that when you are spending your hard-earned money, you’ll always get the most from your equipment.

We Know What We're Doing. 
Professional installers are trained to know the ins and outs of a car electrical system. The average vehicle has over 25 microprocessors built into the electrical system. Our technicians are continuously training so they are experts on integrating your new electronics into your vehicle’s electrical system. Whether you are installing a Receiver, Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofer, or Processor, they will optimize the equipment to give you the best sound quality possible.

The Right Tools for the Job.
Our Professional Installation Technicians have the proper tools and test equipment to ensure that your installation sounds great, works seamlessly, and looks flawless.

We Provide Service even AFTER the Install.
Our Professional Technicians will always be there to help. We’ll explain how to operate your new equipment and help you customize it for your needs. If you have questions on how to operate a feature or need some technical service we’ll be there to help, whether it’s a week after your install or years later.


We care about your vehicle as much as you do. We utilize premium electronics to ensure premium performance.

Our veteran technicians are highly skilled and have decades of experience. Most of all: they love cars and care about yours. They have the tools, the skills, and the desire to make your car a place you love to be!

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