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Window Film: Look Cool, Drive Cooler

If you think window film is just for hip-hop celebrities and teenagers, think again. The mysterious and sleek look of window film does a lot more than turn heads.

More than Just a Pretty Face

Everyone wants their vehicle to look its best, and window film on your ride definitely improves the overall look and resale value. But there are also practical benefits to professionally installed window film…

Reduce Glare No matter the season, glare from the sun can create distractions, blind spots, and headaches. By reducing this glare, your vision is far clearer and your drive more enjoyable.

Block UV Rays UV rays damage your car’s interior as well as your skin. Research finds that skin cancer is more likely to develop on the left side of the body – the side exposed to the sun while you drive!

Lower Heat Absorption We’re not just talking about the scorching heat of parked cars in July. Sunlight streaming in during your drive forces you to keep the AC cranked and your engine guzzling gas.

Improve Safety Beyond the obvious benefits of added security and privacy (you can see out, they can’t see in), but window film adds an extra anti-shatter layer to your windows in case of accidents.

Did You Know?

  1. Modern film composition blocks 99% of UV rays but does NOT disrupt cellular, GPS, or satellite signals.

  2. Window film doesn’t have to be dark – ask about HD color and clarity.

  3. Yes, you can go too dark. Besides legal restrictions, excessively dark tint can affect your ability to see and be seen by other drivers.

  4. Believe or not, in some states* you can even get window film applied to your windshield!!

Professional Installation

Looks easy online, so why not do it yourself? We’re so glad you asked… DIY kits may be attractive because they’re inexpensive, but wrinkles and bubbles can appear days – even weeks – after application. Honestly, installing window film is a huge pain and takes practice. Don’t believe us? Okay…put a screen cover on your phone. Perfectly centered. With no wrinkles. And no bubbles. Or dust. Or hair. We’ll wait. Save yourself the time and headache! Professionally installed film looks flawless for years and comes with lifetime warranties

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